Friday, March 26, 2010

Hilander Shopping Trip 3/26

I guess I didn't get the Hilander shopping out of my system just yet. I didn't realize it but I was running out of foil so I went and got some. I ended up spending $0.00 OOP because of the gift card a lady had given us last time we went shopping. I saved a total of $21.62 (100% savings because of the free gift card!)
Here's how I did it:
(2)Gold Medal Flour (Bleached/Unbleached) $1.49
-used $2 off your next purchase coupon from catalina
(5) Active Dry Yeast $0.99 (sale!)
-used (5) $0.40 coupons found in 3/21 SS (These all doubled)
(2) Reynolds Recycled Foil $1.49 (Clearanced! There were plenty more too!)
-used (2) $1.25 printable (Hit the back button to print 2 per computer)
All of this should have cost $2.72 without the gift card! Plus I'll be mailing my UPCs to get the Reynolds Die-cast car!

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