Friday, March 26, 2010

Baking Bread

Yesterday my son and I were busy baking french bread. I had been looking for an easy recipe that was easy enough for me. I came upon the perfect recipe when reading A Few Shortcuts site. I actually messed up on it the first time because I didn't print the recipe, so I was rushing back and forth from the kitchen to my computer. After making it the second time it came out much better! The only other problem I had was this little man pictured, my son. Every time I bake something he's got to be right there with me and I love it but sometimes he needs to take a break from being the taste tester. And as you can see he loved tasting the bread raw and cooked! So if you're interested in how easy and AWESOMELY good this bread is click here to find out how to make it.
Picture courtesy of A Few ShortCuts

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