Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Target & Walgreens Shopping 2/9

Ok, I believe I got a good deal when I went to Target but not that much when I went to Walgreens. At Target I spent $15.24 +tax and saved $39.54 (72%). Walgreens came to a total of $15.74 and saved $16.71 (51%). The total I spent OOP was $30.98 +tax (64%savings) and have left $4 RR from Walgreens. So minus the $4 RR I really only spent $26.98 total. If you want to include tax it was a total of $37.04! Tax in Illinois is RIDICULOUS! I think that's why I didn't do such a good job. At least I got some diapers and pull ups for our son and hopefully next time I'll be able to get some things for FREE!!! If my math is off please let me know. Haha. I'm not a math whiz nor do I claim to be.

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