Friday, February 12, 2010

New Old Navy Coupon Locations

Here are the Old Navy Hidden Coupon locations for 2/11:

$50 off of $100 - Click the "Girls" star and catch the butterfly as it lands. GONE

15% off purchase - Catch the little chick that runs out of the basket.

10% off purchase - On the screen that first comes up or the "Boys" star, click the little boy in the circle.

$15 off of $75 purchase - Click the "Toddler Boys" star and switch the sweater vest on the right with the orange sweater in the middle.

$10 off of $50 purchase - Click the "Girls" star and move the sandals from the far right picture to the shoes under the shorts in the middle.

$5 off of $25 purchase - Click the "Toddler Girls" star, then grab the red heart on the middle of the sweater and drag it to her right arm. (Your left)

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