Friday, January 15, 2010

Old Navy Clearance is now 50% off

Starting today Old Navy has reduced their clearance to 50% off now. You can use another coupon on top of it to get an even better deal! Go here and click around to get the coupon you want.

Here's the list of where you can find coupons.

$5 off $25 purchase - Drag the Water Bottle to the same models mouth.

$10 off $50 purchase - In the upper right corner, Switch the Blue shirt with the Green shirt.

10% off entire purchase - Drag the Green Headband from the third model in's head to the model's head who is holding the pink weights.

15% off women's yoga pants - Drag the Yoga Mat from the model in blue to the model in pink's shoulder.

25% off entire purchase - On the bottom right, click on the Blue Pants on the left, then click on the Brown and Pink pants on the right.

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