Monday, June 14, 2010

Facebook: FREE Fotobook to the 1st 150

Update: Sorry, all out of free ones.
Hurry and head on over HERE to make a Free Fotobook. You will first have to "like" Fotobook on their Facebook page. Then click on the tab "The App". When you're done making the book use the code CELEBRATE345 at checkout. *Please note that they pull pictures from your facebook page. I couldn't find another way to download pictures right from my computer.
Here's what their page says about the promo:
The new fotobooks is live! First, we’re celebrating by giving away 150 FREE books. Enter code CELEBRATE345 at checkout. Second, anyone that orders a fotobook (with or without the code above) will be able to gift a coupon code for a free book to 3 friends after they checkout. Those friends will also be able to gift 3 free books to their friends, and so on. Lets see how far & fast we can spread the fotobooks love!
Thanks, Memphis Couponer

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