Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BlockBuster Express Rental Codes=Free One Night Rental

Here are a few codes that you can try for a Free Blockbuster Express Free Rental Code:

These have been verified to be working:
GT13A – expires 5/31/10
G415A – expires 5/31/10
GL14A – expires 6/30/10

These have not been verified to be working – try at your own risk:
SSD15A2 – expires 5/31/10
CALENDAR – expiration unknown
G414A – expiration unknown
BBXPUB – expiration unknown
Thanks, Coupon Geek!

*Reminder you will have to return the movie the next day by 9p.m. or you will be charged $1 per extra day you keep the movie. Also these codes are good one per credit/debit card.

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