Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Grocery Shopping 2/3

We were in desperate need of some groceries and decided to go to Hilander tonight. We ended up spending a total of $69.23 for everything pictured/listed. We saved a total of $95.75 which comes out to a savings of 58%. I think it's not too bad considering I'm getting back into the couponing mode and have been out of it for about 4 years. Hopefully next time it will a better savings. Also I found out that Hilander doubles coupons that are $0.55 or lower. So be on the look out for even better deals and good luck!!
Here's the list of everything we purchased today @ Hilander:
(3) Velveeta 2lb
(2) Digiorno Stuffed Crust Pizza!! (This is my favorite)
Tide Laundry Detergent 32 loads
(4) Keebler Fudge Cookies
(4) Philadelphia Cream Cheese
(8) Kraft Shredded Cheese 8oz
(4) Sargento Shredded Cheese 8oz
(2) Capri Suns 10pk
(4) Armour Meatballs
(2) Goldfish
(2) Toaster Strudels
(3) Lunchables
Aveeno Baby Lotion
String Cheese 16oz
Welch's Concentrated Juice
(4) 10oz cans of Ro*Tel Tomatoes
(2) Dole Salad Mixes
4oz Mild Green Chillies
Kroger Brand Marinara
12oz John Morrell Smoked Sausage

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