Friday, January 22, 2010

Shopping Trip

Yesterday I went grocery shopping for a few items we needed.
Here's a list of what I got:
Wal Mart
(2) 28-pack of Nestle Water
(2) 12-pack Eggs
(3) Starkist Tuna
Always Pads
(2) Hot Pockets
Dove Deodorant
Trix Cereal
Valli Produce
(5) Roma Tomatoes
2lbs of Cauliflower
1lb Zucchini
2lbs Red Michigan Apples
1lb Red Peppers
Spring Hill Bacon
12oz log of Mozzarella Cheese
Wonder White Bread
Rye Bread
10ct Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate
1lb of Flour
(4) Chef Boyardee cans

The total came for everything came to $20.95 (with coupons)!!
I saved a total of $19.06.

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